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Sarracenia Seed Sale-list 2022
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RED, means: unavailable
BLUE, means: available

Seeds from the year 2022:
White Beast’ hybrids:Price 15 seeds:
SH46XSLMG01A€ 10.0 (only a few left)‘Saurus’ X ‘White beast’
SLMG01AXSH22€ 8.50‘White beast’ X ‘leah wilkerson’
SL08XSLX07€ 5S. leucophylla, pink vein X “Red stripe in throat”
(SH22xSH24)XSL06€ 6.50(‘Leah wilkerson’ x ‘brooks hybrid) X HCW clone 7
SL02XSF26€ 7.50s. leucophylla, santa rosa Co. X Flava ornata lidless giant.
SL04XSF05€ 5s. leucophylla ‘Helmut’s delight’ X Flava ‘Maxima’
SH48XSHMG09A€ 7“Wilkerson white knight” X SHMG09A
SHMG08BXSF08 (third pollination, SHMG08B x self)€ 3SHMG08B X “Kimber red ruffles”
SF04XSH47€ 5s. flava rubricorpora “Giant red tube” X “Praetorian guard”
SH47XSF04€ 5“Praetorian guard” X s. flava rubricorpora “Giant red tube”
SH27XSF08€ 5excellens X “Kimber red ruffles”
SH29XSF04€ 6‘Eva’ X s. flava rubricorpora “Giant red tube”
SH34XSH44€ 5“Whale throat” X ‘Sergeant hartman’
SH44XSH34€ 5‘Sergeant hartman’ X “Whale throat”
SH23XSP09€ 6“umlauftiana” X s. purpurea Tatnall Co.

Sarracenia Seed Sale-list 2021

Seeds from the year 2021:
White Beast’ and “WB” clone B hybrids:Price 15 seeds:
SR05XSHMG8A€ 3Rubra ‘Chatom giant’ x SHMG8A
SHMG8BXSLMG01A€ 7.50SHMG8B x ‘White Beast’
SHMG8AXSLMG01A€ 7.50SHMG8A x ‘White Beast’
SH32XSLMG01B€ 5S.X ‘matt johnson’ x ”WB” clone B
SA07XSLMG01A€ 7.50Alata giant red tube x ‘White Beast’
SLX07XSELF€ 5Leucophylla ”red stripe in throat” x self
SL06XSELF€ 5Leucophylla ’Hurricane Creek White’ (Clone 7) x self
SM02XSELF€ 4S.minor, Green, anthocycanin free, Heavy fenestrations x self
SP07XSELF€ 3S. purpurea ssp. venosa var. montana x self
SF12XSF11€ 3S. flava var. flava, purple lip x S. flava var. ornata, purple mouth
SF11XSF12€ 3S. flava var. ornata, purple mouth x S. flava var. flava, purple lip
SH29XSL02€ 4S.x ‘eva’ x S. leucophylla Santa Rosa Co, Florida
SL02XSH29€ 4S. leucophylla Santa Rosa Co, Florida x S.x ‘eva’
SL04XSF04€ 4S. leucophylla “Helmut´s Delight” x S. flava var. rubricorpora ”giant red tube”
SH24XSH22€ 5Leah wilkerson’ x ‘Brooks hybrid’
SH22XSH24€ 5Brooks hybrid’ x ‘Leah wilkerson’
SH33XSELF€ 3Green monster’ x self
SP11XSO02€ 3S. purpurea ssp. purpurea “Annewil” x S.oreophila ‘Sand Mountain’
SO02XSP11€ 3S.oreophila ‘Sand Mountain’ x S. purpurea ssp. purpurea “Annewil”
SO01XSF11€ 3S.oreophila ‘Veined’ x S. flava var. ornata, purple mouth
Hybrids (anto-free):
SP04XSF10€ 3S. purpurea ssp. purpurea f.heterophylla, anthocyanin free x S. flava var. flava f. viridescens, green, anthocyanin free

All seeds are kept in a Refrigerator but are not yet stratified. Best is to store the seeds on a moist substrate in the Refrigerator for 2-3 months.

All prices are excl. shipping (envelope).

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