Dear visitor,
let me introduce myself, My name is Mark and I am a plant enthusiast. In particular Carnivorous Plants.
I remember the first time I saw one. 15 year old me was at my friends house. He had bought the most peculiar thing ever. A “Venus fly trap” he said, “and it can eat real food!!”. So, of course, that afternoon we came up with all different kinds of food, that we then fed to the plant. When I got home I was so impressed with this new life form that I decided to buy one too. And of course it died, little that I new off the requirements of these plants.
But I did not give up. It motivated me to do some research and I had a go with another one. I discovered there were many different species of carnivorous plants and I was sold! It started with a few plants. Some of them I held on the roof of our shed, for the optimum amount of sunlight, and in the winter I kept the fragile plants on my windowsill in my bedroom.
As soon as I bought my own place, I bought a greenhouse. Since then I’ve focused more on the Sarracenia and Drosera plants because those are the plants I grow best. And that of course, makes it even more fun.


At the moment my wife and I are nothing more than plant enthusiasts. To provide for our hobby, we sell the surplus of our private collection. However, we are working hard to open our own carnivorous plant nursery in a few years.

For questions or other things please contact me Happy growing!

Mark Geurts

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