Growlist Sarracenia (Sarraceniaceae) 2023

“XXX” = Unofficial named plant, ‘XXX’ = Cultivar, WS = From seed collected from the wild. W = collected from the wild

RED, means: unavailable
BLUE, means: available

When a plant code contains: MG, then it’s a plant or cross that I have created from seed and that I also have selected for the best features. A…..Z stands for the clone nr.
For example: SLMG01A = Sarracenia leucophylla, Mark Geurts, Plant nr. 1, Clone A

Plant Code:Name/discription:Extra comments/origin
(Click on the name for a photo)
SA02S. alata “red neck”Gert Hoogenstrijd
SA06S. alata, Black tube, PubescentDe soto, Mississippi – Jan Pap
SA07S. alata var. rubrioperculata, stone County, MississippiRed tube, pitchers up to 110cm – Mike king A46
SP03S. purpurea ssp. venosa var. burkiiVery large #2 – Stefan Lenssen (PV22)
SP04S. purpurea ssp. purpurea f. heterophylla, anthocyanin freeVery cold hardy
SP05S. purpurea ssp. venosa var. burkii “Chipola Giant”Biggest of all purpurea clones, with bride red/pink pitchers. – Christian Klein
SP06S. purpurea ssp. venosa “smurf”Carniflora 2011
SP07S. purpurea ssp. venosa var. montanaNorth Carolina, W AM 2003 Mike King
SP08S. purpurea ssp. venosa var. burkii f.luteolaF2 cross from PV11(MiK), seedling – Mike King
SP09S. purpurea ssp. venosaTatnall co. Georgia – Laurens Eggen
SP10S. purpurea ssp. venosa, bright fluorescent, stabile form?Stricker plants, Henny Stricker
SP11S. purpurea ssp. purpurea “Annewil”Large plant – Annewil Visser-poelstra
SP12S. purpurea ssp. Purpurea “Dresden giant”Nice and bolbous, good colour contrast, Laurens Eggen
SP13S. purpurea ssp. Venosa cultivar ‘Belly of blood’Laurens Eggen
SP14S. purpurea “Dresden giant” Laurens Eggen X “Chipola giant” Matt SoperSeedgrown – Laurens Eggen
SP15S. purpurea ssp. venosa, completely dark red with strong ruffled lidsSeedgrown x self cross, motherplant from North Carolina – Laurens eggen
purpurea intogressed
SPX01S. purpurea “tina” / “Sorrow”Clear green pitchers with red patch in the throat. Probably the same as S. purpurea ‘Sorrow’ – Freddy De Coninck
SL02S. leucophylla, very large and white
(Available again in Fall)
Santa Rosa County, Florida, WS – Mike King, L78
SL04S. leucophylla “Helmut´s Delight”Christian Klein
SL05S. leucophylla “Bocaza” (Available again in Fall)Extremely large clone, probably the biggest leuco in cultivation – Mike King L87, Ian Salter
SL06S. leucophylla var. alba ’Hurricane Creek White’Seedgrown ICPS Seedbank – Nelio Freitas HCW Clone 7
SL08S. leucophylla, pink veinVery contrasty – Laurens Eggen LE-SL106
SL09S. leucophylla cultivar ‘Mont Blanc’Guillaume Byli
SL10S. leucophylla cultivar ‘Mont Blanc’ x selfGuillaume Byli
SL11S. leucophylla var. alba ’Hurricane Creek White’Seedgrown ICPS Seedbank – Nelio Freitas HCW Clone 5
SL12S. leucophylla “HCW F” X cultivar ‘Dionne’Seedgrown – Laurens Eggen – Jan Pap
SL13S. leucophylla Escambia Alabama, WSJan Janssens
SL14S. leucophylla cultivar ‘Dionne’Alain Eeckhaudt
SL15S. leucophylla cultivar ‘Bris’Daniele Rhigetti
SL16S. leucophylla cultivar ‘Schnell´s ghost’ Mike King, L3 X Santa Rosa County, Blackwater Rifer SF, near munson Florida USACan get very big and also very tall>1Meter, with full white top like HCW – Miroslav Srba L34/a
SL18S. leucophylla Escambia Alabama, WSNico Piszczek, Np SL164 WS
My own Leucophylla creations:
SLMG01AS. leucophylla cultivar ‘White beast’Mark Geurts
SLMG01BS. leucophylla “Sister of white beast”Clone B, same seedbatch as Cultivar ‘White beast’ – Mark Geurts
leucophylla intogressed
SLX01AS. X leucophylla “Red stripe”Seedbank Carnivora – Ferry v.d. Ham
SLX07S. X leucophylla “Red stripe in throat”flava var. rugelii introgressed, Walton Co. Florida, Cedric Azais SL61, Mike King L111
SF01S. flava var. flavaGert Hoogenstrijd Sa05
SF03S. flava var. rugeliiGert Hoogenstrijd Sa10
SF04S. flava var. rubricorpora ”giant red tube”Apalachicola, W – Mike king, F112
SF05S. flava var. flava cultivar ‘maxima’Adrian Slack – Mike King F11
SF06S. flava var. ornata, very fine heavy veinsGreen Swamp, North Carolina, W – Mike King F33
SF07S. flava var. cuprea, very largePhil Sheridan – Mike King F153
SF08S. flava var. atropurpurea “Kimber Red Ruffles”Very large hood – Danilo cazzaniga – Mike King F195
SF09S. flava var. ornata, LidlessStefan Lenssen, F89
SF10S. flava var. rugelii, anthocyanin free, vigorous plantSeedgrown from Telogia, Liberty County, Florida – Mike King F238 – Nigel Hewitt Cooper, SRG-11
SF11S. flava var. ornata, purple mouthApalachicola National Forest, Liberty County, Florida – Phil Wilson, F67 – Mike King, F88
SF12S. flava var. flava, purple lipApalachicola National Forest, Wakulla County – Best CP, S7c
SF13S. flava rugelii giantRonny Heirbout
SF14S. flava “Big vigorous”, Walton County X “Black veins”, CHO5Y, Bulloch County, GeorgiaMike Wang USA
SF15S. flava var. flava “Goldie”
SF16S. flava var. atropurpurea, Blackwater state forest FloridaAraflora
SF17S. flava “Risi Vulcan” Seedgrown red lidless pitchers with yellow lip and a good shape, Laurens Eggen
SF18S. flava var. atropurpurea cultivar ‘Waccamaw’ x selfPlant with nice shape that look like flava coppertop, Laurens Eggen
SF19S. flava var. atropurpurea, lidless seedlings when selfdedMarston Exotics – Mike King F174
SF20S. flava var. rubricorpora cultivar ‘Burgundy’Adrian Slack – Mike King F26
SF21S. flava var. rubricorpora cultivar ‘Valkyrie’Laurens Eggen
SF25S. flava var. atropurpurea cultivar ‘Burgundy’ x flava cultivar ‘Maxima’Adrian Slack, SF71
SF26S. flava var. ornata, Lidless giant formSven vervloesem
SF27S. flava var. ornata, “Andrew Marshall Clone”wild clone, no locationdata (makes some rubricorpora’s when selfed) – Olivier Bres
SF28S. flava Cultivar ‘waccamaw’Danilo cazzaniga (DC carnivorous)
SF29S. flava var. atropurpurea cultivar ‘Troll’Daniele Rhigetti
PS03S. psittacina “Gulf Giant” #4Giant form, can reach 30-40 cm, divisions – Christian Klein
PS04S. psittacina var. okeefenokeensis f. luteoviridisSandy creek road, Bay County, Florida, Anthocyanin free giant – Christian Klein
PS05S. psittacina “Giant”Gert Hoogenstrijd, CarniSar110
SO01S. oreophila “Veined”Nice purple throat – Gert Hoogenstrijd
SO02S. oreophila “Sand Mountain”Keith Wilson (O7)
SO04S. oreophila “Giant”Very fat pitchers up to 60 cm – Christian Klein
SO05S. oreophila Dekalb County Alabama WSPitchers and phyllodia can turn all red – Mike king, MK06
SO06S. oreophila “Giant” from wild seed85CM Pitchers! – Nico Piszczek, NPSO16WS
SM01S. minor var.Okefenokeensis ”Okefenokee Giant, Typical form”Very tall green pitchers; can reach 1Meter – Christian Klein
SM02S. minor, Green, anthocycanin free, Heavy fenestrationsF2 cross with var. okefenokeensis ,seed grown – Mike King, SM31 Batch 2009 – Laurens Eggen, SM05
SM03S. minor var.Okefenokeensis “Okefenokee Giant”, very tallReading university – Alastair Culham – Mike King, M18
SM04S. minor var. Okefenokeensis, smaller pitchertube wing then normal.Ian salter – Laurens Eggen – LE-SM24
SR04S. rubra ssp. jonesii f.heterophyllaCZplants
SR05S. rubra ssp. wherryi “Chatom Giant”, very large WRogier van Loenen, RW02
SR06S. rubra ssp. Gulfensis “Giant”Yellow river FLA – Mike King, RG04 – Felix bokhorst
SH01S. X catesbaei (flava x purpurea)Carniflora – Gert Hoogenstrijd, Sa28
SH04S. X hybrid, looks like “Stevensii”Big dark purple/white pitchers – Intratuin Gardencenter
SH05S. X hybrid, looks like “Farnhanni”Smaller purple/white pitchers/green – Intratuin Gardencenter
SH12S. X Cultivar ‘Jutha Tip Soper’Matt Soper – CZplants (sajuso)
SH13S. X popei X flava “giant form”Adrian Slack, AS18
SH15S. X mitchellianaIntratuin Gardencenter
SH16S. X hybrid, dark/whiteCarniflora
SH19S. X catesbaei “veined” (flava var.rugelii X purpurea ssp. purpurea)Mike King H68
SH21S. X moorei cultivar ‘Adrian Slack’ (Available again in summer)Milton, Santa Rosa County, Florida (No tissue culture, division of original mother plant) – Bob Hanrahan – Laurens Eggen, SH45
SH22S. X moorei cultivar ‘Leah Wilkerson’Walton County, Florida, W – Thomas Garcia Brooks – Mike King, H112 – Laurens Eggen, SH46
SH23S. X hybrid “umlauftiana” ((purpurea x psittacina) x (leucophylla x psittacina))Sven Vervloesem
SH24S. X moorei cultivar ‘Brooks Hybrid’Mike King – Keith Wilson, H7
SH27S. X excellens, striking shape and colourHans Luhrs – Rogier van Loenen, SH44
SH29S. X cultivar ‘eva’Carniflora
SH30S. X courtii cultivar ‘paradisia’Mike King H185 – Laurens Eggen, SH19
SH31S. X moorei (S. leucophylla X S. X cultivar ‘Adrian Slack’)Moorei with much white, big summer pitchers and also big fall pitchers – Laurens Eggen, SH100
SH32S. X hybrid “Matt Johnson”Short fat flava like shaped pitchers with large lid en red throath patch – Matt Soper – Carniflora
SH33S. X excellens “Green Monster”Bill Scholl cross – Adrian Fawcett
SH34S. X hybrid “whale throat”Garry Wheeler – Laurens Eggen, LE-SH160
SH37S. X wrigleyana cultivar ‘Scarlet Belle’Carniflora
SH38S. X moorei “red moorei” x “red moorei” (“Red Sumatra” Rogier van Loenen, SH48 X “Red Moorei”, Mike King, H61)Laurens Eggen, LE-S13-02
SH39S. X hybrid, dark light lid rim along the pitcher lidSeedling from the UK – Laurens Eggen, SH 255
SH40S. X hybrid “Praetorian guard” X cultivar ‘Adrian Slack’Gary Wheeler cross – Laurens Eggen, LE-S18-16
SH41S. X hybrid (leucophylla red X (“Wilkerson’s red”, Walton Co. X cultivar ‘Dark’ Covington co. AL))Mike Wang, USA – Laurens Eggen, LE-S18-20
SH42S. X areolata (leucophylla HCW F X alata cultivar ‘Night’, Stone County GA)Mike Wang, USA – Laurens Eggen, LE-S18-26
SH43S. X hybrid “Bietje” (leucophylla, Danielle Righetii X “Praetorian Guard”)Seedgrown – Laurens Eggen, LE-S18-17
SH44S. X moorei cultivar ‘Sergeant Hartman’Ries van Ool, SH64
SH45S. X moorei, Conecuh, Covington county, AlabamaCedric Azais, SXM54
SH46S. X moorei ‘Saurus’Guillaume Byli
SH47S. X hybrid “Praetorian guard”Nico Piszczek
SH48S. X moorei “wilkerson white knight”Bud Wilkerson property, Walton County, Florida – Cedric azais, sxm18 – Mike King H211
SH49S. X areolata Cultivar ‘White Knight’Jan pap, Jpxa02
SH50S. X soperi cultivar ‘Roy Cheek’Matt Soper, H74
SH51S. X hybrid “Camisole” x S.leucopylla “Pink touch”Carniflora seedling, Fàbio pires
SH53S. X hybrid “Black sheer”Giovanni Samà
SH54S. X areolata, made with moorei ‘Adrian Slack’Very beautifull and large areolata shaped pitchers, Laurens eggen, LE-SH 244
SH55S. X hybrid, atropurpurea hybridSuperpurb dark colour and pitcher shape, looks like an improved S. flava atropurpurea – Miroslav Srba, F280 – Andrea amici, FA004
SH56S. X hybrid, cultivar ‘Arthur Wheeler’ (Leucophylla x (flava x rubra) X (leuco x alata))Sven vervloesem – Jan Pap
SH57S. X hybrid “South winds” (‘Reptilian rose’ X ‘Adrian Slack’)Laurens Eggen, S18-21 Sel.2
SH58S. X cultivar ‘Reptilian rose’Phil Faulisi – Julien müller
SH59S. X moorei cultivar ‘Atlas 5’ (cultivar ‘Leah Wilkerson’ x cultivar ‘Adrian Slack’)Miroslav Srba, H107E – Güntha Müller
SH60S.X cultivar ‘French Cancan’ (cultivar ‘Black widow’ x “Timothy King”, Mike King H225)Cedric Azais – Theo Suwara
SH61S. X areolata “White Mamba” (Mike king, L23 X Mike king, A28)Vincenzo Castellaneta, H94D – Mattia Bellesi
SH62S. X hybrid cultivar ‘Vintner’s treasure’Juan Miguel Martinez Reyes
SH63S. X hybrid (minor okefenokeensis x “Rudolf 2”)Miroslav Srba – Daniele Rhigetti
SH65S. X moorei cultivar ‘Lunchbox’USA – Josh (Flytrap King) – Nico Piszczek, Np SH174 Us
SH66S. X hybrid “ASBO”Enrico Bauducco
SH67S. X moorei cultivar ‘Royal ruby’Alain Eeckhaudt
SH68S. X hybrid cultivar ‘Metallized’Andrea amici
SH69S. leucophylla cultivar ´Giant cotton´Olivier Bres – Theo Suwara
My own hybrid creations:
SHMG03S.x S.alata (introgressed with leuco), very dark pitchers (SAX01) x S.purpurea ssp. purpurea f.heterophylla, anthocyanin free (SP04)Mark Geurts
SHMG06AS.x S.moorei ‘Leah Wilkerson’ (SH22) x S.oreophila “Giant” (SO04) “Cream”Shape like oreophila, nice amount of white on the lid and red throat patch – Mark Geurts
SHMG07AS.x S.moorei ‘Leah Wilkerson’ (SH22) x S.x moorei ‘Adrian Slack’ (SH21) “Rex”Strange looking pitchers, with some clear alata/rubra colourations inside throat – Mark Geurts
SHMG08BS.X Mitchelliana clone B (SL05xSP05)Purple coloured, fat mitchelliana – Mark Geurts
SHMG09AS.X moorei x purpurea ssp. venosa var. burkii “Chipola Giant” (SH22xSP05)Nice fat sturdy pitchers with orange/maroon colour and red throat patch – Mark Geurts
SHMG10DS.X moorei, very yellow (SH24XSH22)Intense yellow colour, similar to flava “Goldie”, but with light veins and a red throat patch – Mark Geurts
The end.
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